How to prevent 21 day hold gaypal

28 July 2009

Since i got many hold payment in paypal, i really piss off about it because i am an ebay seller. it make me hard to use my money to pay for the product first. I`m trying to search for the alternative solution to overcome this problem, and gaypal is quite fast to search about this.
and they will fix it as soon they know. for as an example the 0.01cent secret have been fix by paypal it is not working last night i got some info from one forum. and there been a ways to prevent your money to be hold by this gaypal. give it a tr
y and post your comment here.
i dont want to give you the forum, they will surely find out and fix it. so this is just the trick that i will give. first come first serve.

It is some idea that i got from the internet, If you want to prevent your paypal account being hold for 21 days, you just have to "remove the gaypal email and add it" back.
by removeing the email address, allowing your buyer to pay you via ebays checkout, it will show as pending in feebay, after that, you can add the ebay email address back to your payfraud account and this should bypass the 21 day hold.

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ricky said...

i never heard aboout this. thanks for sharing. i will try it soon

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