'Story of me'

14 November 2008

acah² nak karang dalam bahasa inggeris pulak
exam around the corner,tp sempat mengarang lagi..

This time i wrote in English,but the first thing is "sorry"if i`v mistaken or broken in my English.. :D
i was born on 4th February 1988,in the general hospital at my place.
when i was born,that time my father was 25 something.just an introduction..

my ambition is i want to be a pilot.my responsibility as the oldest brother have thought me quiet well to go on with my life.after i graduated from this colleges,i hope that i can work at airlines company such as AIR ASIA or MAS as an engineer for the flight so that i can across over the country.when i was a kid, i really like to watch the transformer movie.i believed that i come from star and moon and then was drop in earth..haha is it too ridiculous rite?.it was influenced by watching transformer. i was lied to my youngest brother about that,and he believed on me

some year later...
dipendekan story..until now.i`m been studying at UTL(guest it yourself what it is) somewhere in Mantin jungle.before i`m entering this college.i was an excited to me,to see the view of this college from outside area.because it is quite big for me.and i`m taking HND EE which i have to wasting my time in here almost 3 years.

although i`m not really satisfied with the facilities and other2 things that legenda provide for their student, but the grateful for me is i met someone that i love so much.from the first time i saw her.until now.she`s the one that always be in my heart..from the first time.we met in friendster. but at that time.we never met face to face.until a few month later..we involved in one activity for the Islamic community.that`s the first time i know her face to face..and in that camp, i still remember the incident that happened between us,which is she fallen on me. hehe.

thats me after the incident..trying to climb up again.
.*bajet hindustan lak*its quite hard to get closely with her,but i`m trying to my best..to understand her and to know her very well.. i neva thought that she will accept me in her life..

and now..she the one that i really care about..and i will marry her.when i work.and have enough money to support two person life.which is me and her...pray for our happiness ya?hehe
.that's the simple story about me..there's nothing special,but one things that i`v been trough is, i never give up to find someone that i can love very much,and she love me too.and now.she`s the one that i have,i hope i will always care n love her, and of course i will marry her

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Anonymous said...

our memories!=D
hope our relations will be never
ends.tq~ 4 taking care of me, i will appreciate for what u have done cyg

EM AN said...

what the fish man?

KAIROLE said...

iyep my dear ixora...

KAIROLE said...

fuh~ x cam 3 org punye checking lak~huhu anyway thankx all..hehe

EM AN said...

tak boleh lawan cerita kelibat aku la, lagi mencemaskan haha.

AzymechanicaL said...

Peh..mcm gambo yg ak tangkap jer..
Bayor la wei!!!

KAIROLE said...

haha nak aq bayar ape azyM?ad 2 gamb o tu satu tayang punggung aq.yg tu ke?

AzymechanicaL said...

Dua2 ak tangkap la..

Tp yg gambo si dia tu mmg mencabar nak tngkap! Haha=D

p/s: Bukn ada lg ke gambor curik yg mcmtu? =p

KAIROLE said...

ade tapi xkn aq nak letak semua sengal.haha..kang silap2 gambar 18 tahun ke atas pun ad skali.. :D

NUke_Rude said...

huahua.. kalo da suka, bgtau je..



KAIROLE said...

nuke tidakkah kau membaca posting pertama itu siapa yg mengeposnye.cerita ini sebelum die menjadi kekasih pojaan hatiku la.beberap taun yg lalu..smpi tergolek aq nak cuit hati die taw.haha..kalu nak diilhamkan dalam sebuah novel pun boleh..

EM AN said...

yee ar tuh, caya jela.

Anonymous said...

wow! udah cyg2 nih..
dlu bkn maen lg..
maleh nk lyan la pe la...
tup2? suda tukar ka?
ko mmg wat aku gelak tguling la ngn prangai ko nih..

EM AN said...

yee ar tuh.

Anonymous said...

mengot nye aqish!
2 dlu..
kini tidak lg~

KAIROLE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AzymechanicaL said...

Haha..ada org tk puas hati tuh!=p

KAIROLE said...

sape tuh? gege.. :-0

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